Extension Education

The goal of Soochow’s Extension School is to serve society by providing instruction to all those who want to acquire academic learning or professional skills. A variety of in-depth courses are offered to provide a channel for the general public interested in continuing education. The design of the curriculum puts equal emphasis on theory and practice. There are two major categories, the credit classes and the non-credit classes.

The classes and the content of the curriculum are the following:

1. practical courses in Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Electronic Commerce Management ,and Business Administration, using the University’s teaching resources and facilities to make it possible to the public to learn a second expertise or profession.

2. physical education, cultural activities ,and overseas study tours, whereby to break the confines of customary learning, walk out of the classroom and learn from direct experience in life.

3. professional training programs of continuing education under the authorization of, or being commissioned by, government organizations or public or private institutions; for example, the CivilService Development Center commissioned the Extension School with the tasks of setting up Japanese, English and German classes for civil servants; the School is holding Japanese and English classes in cooperation with the Taipei City Training Center ; the National Youth Commission entrusted the School with con ducting Computer Programming , English and Financial Management classes; the Employment and Vocational Training Administration of the Council of Labor Affairs asked the School to conduct training classes for information software professionals.

4. other professional courses, including credit-earning Bachelor’s and Master’s courses and long-distance education classes; credit-earning classes to learn a second expertise; vocational academic aptitude authentication credit courses for secondary school teachers to participate in continuing education and for citizens with low level of education, but who have certificate for having acquired some specific skills, to earn a junior college level academic status.

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